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Percipio, the root word of Perceptron, is Latin for “understand” or “perceive”. This is what this newsletter is all about - to understand and demystify the world of AI and the technology around it.

The Perceptron is written in clear, concise, easy to understand language which means that you won’t need to read between the lines to understand them. Neither would you need to open 20+ tabs and still not understand the term you’re struggling with.

Every fortnight, The Perceptron will bring you one to two articles demystifying concepts in AI, Algorithms, Mathematics and everything related to it, straight to your inbox.

Why The Perceptron?

I started exploring Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning around a year ago and found it to be a beautiful microcosm of Mathematics, Algorithms and some really clever engineering.

Quite often, I find this beauty hard to perceive at a first glance. Hence, I started this newsletter with the aim of understanding it through writing and transition into greater details.

I decided to make what I write public so that I can be publicly accountable and responsible for what I write and to make sure that this writing is clear, concise and is easy to understand for anybody who finds themselves in the same shoes as me.

I’d really appreciate any kind of constructive feedback on The Perceptron and ways to improve it for you!

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